this is joni

A show celebrating the music & art of Joni Mitchell

Lauren Elizabeth leads her outstanding band, taking her audience on an unforgettable journey through the music that defined a generation. 

Video 1

A short glimpse at 'This Is Joni'. Footage you see here was shot live by Nick Rieve & Jeff Sheppard on 16/06/17 & 30/06/17. Jeff also produced the promo video. Both of these gigs officially launched the show in Melbourne, and included The Paris Cat & The Flying Saucer Club. Both nights were performed to sold out audiences.


Video 2

A live recording of 'Both Sides Now' from the show, recorded at The Flying Saucer Club on 30/06/17. This is the "encore" song for the show, and features Nathan Slater on guitar. Paintings by Joni Mitchell, song written by Joni Mitchell.